Thursday, August 25, 2016

SharePoint 2013 - Horizontal Breadcrum for Navigation

To get the breadcrum in the SharePoint 2013, use the below scripts.  
The navigation comes like - "Site Name > Sub Site name > Page Name " and etc.

Step 1: Please take a backup of masterpage that you currently have and create a copy. ( Directly working on the master page is a bit risk)
Step 2: Place the below code in the master page 
(anywhere - above toplink bar, above  content placeholder, or in the suite bar)
<SharePoint:AjaxDelta ID="deltabreadcrumbnav" runat="server"> <div id="breadcrumbnavigation"> <span class="breadcrumb-nav"> <asp:ContentPlaceHolder ID="ContentPlaceHolder" runat="server" > <asp:SiteMapPath SiteMapProvider="SPContentMapProvider" id="ContentMap" SkipLinkText="" runat="server"/> </asp:ContentPlaceHolder> </span> </div> </SharePoint:AjaxDelta>

Step 3: Save the file and upload in the master page gallery and publish the master page
Step 4: Try this new master page in a sub site ( to avoid any mess)  - Go to setting set the new master page as default. 
Step 5: Navigation should be up and running with default titles. 

Happy Browsing!

Article Source: Microsoft Forum