Tuesday, January 31, 2017

SharePoint 2013/10 - Infopath Forms - Multiline Text box not splitting lines

InfoPath forms when used on the SharePoint list, some multi-line fields will not show line breaks and it keeps in one liner while read or edit of form.

To fix this issue, you can add a small css correction on the master style sheet or as is required.
InfoPath form multi-line text box will render as text area and hence below css will override it wrap the text.

    white-space: pre-line !important;

Please this as is on your css or on page as required to over come this issue. Hope this helps.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

SharePoint 2013/10 - Generate PPT presentation from SharePoint List Data

Trying to Generate PPTX presentation from SharePoint - try this

Include the PptxGenJS framework in an HTML webpage (client-side) or Node.js project (via NPM) to gain the ability to quickly and easily produce PowerPoint presentations with a few simple JavaScript commands.

Source:  http://gitbrent.github.io/PptxGenJS/

You can use the above code with SharePoint CSOM code to make it dynamic to pull reports and ppt's

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