Thursday, August 7, 2008

Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1

IE 8 Beta Information

Internet Explorer 8 takes the Web experience beyond the page and introduces a new way to seamlessly experience the power of the Web whether you are a Web developer writing to standards, or an end user discovering a new online service. This beta release is available to everyone, but is primarily for Web developers and designers to test the new tools, layout engine, and programming enhancements.When not developing your web site, you can click the Emulate IE7 button in the command bar to browse the web like you did in IE7.
    You may experience one of the following issues when you use the Beta 1 version of Microsoft Internet Explorer 8:
    Misaligned Web page layout
    Overlapping text or images
    These issues occur because Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 displays Web pages using its latest "Standards mode" by default, whereas most current Web pages are created and tested to work with Internet Explorer 7 Standards mode.
    To resolve these issues, Web site owners and administrators can add a meta-tag that tells Internet Explorer 8 to display an entire site or a specific page like Internet Explorer 7. That is, the meta-tag causes Internet Explorer to render pages in either Internet Explorer 7 Standards (Strict) mode or in Internet Explorer 5 (Quirks) mode, based on the Doctype element declaration.Note Adding the Internet Explorer 7 compatibility tag should address most display issues. However, browser detection may also have to be updated on your site. To learn more, visit the following Microsoft Web site: (

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