Wednesday, January 14, 2015

SharePoint 2013/2010 - To set any column as link to item.

In order to set the any column present in the list to link the item, by using the SharePoint designer, we can set this.
1. Open the list in the SharePoint Designer, and create a new view.
2. Open the newly created view and find <ViewFields> tag in it.
3. Add the bewlow tag to any column that you want to make as it as link to item.
4. LinkToItem="TRUE"  or linkToItem="TRUE" (use one which works in your allowed clienttemplates.js) and save it.

Other Field Types:
LinkToItem="TRUE"  => To display link to item.
LinkToItemAllowed="TRUE"   => display more option (...) to column .
Filterable="FALSE"   => To disable Column Filtering.
Sortable="FALSE" => To disable Column Sorting.

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