Thursday, March 12, 2015

SharePoint 2013 - Creating Tiles (Box) looks Links

SharePoint 2013 support new features such as Tiles to represent the brief description on the Tiles(Box) and links associated to it. This will give a glossy look to the site landing page or other use.


To achieve this:
  1. Make sure you have enabled the "Getting Started"" features in the site features.
  2. Add new APP and search for "Promoted Links" App and create a new list with this template.
  3. Add the new items to list and specify the Image URL and Linsk for it with a short description to show in tile and give the order and save. 
  4. Add this App Part to show up in any page and set the Tiles View as default.

For tiles images, you can use the

Happy Browsing!

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