Tuesday, November 17, 2015

SharePoint - To make Calculated Column as Hyperlink with URL parameters

 Steps to add a hyperlink column/field in the list with query string parameters.

1. Add a calculated field in the list and name it.  Select the calculated field type and in the calculation box, use the URL to compose the address string.
 Example :
 ="<a href='https://myserver/sites/team1?ProjectName="&Title&"'>"&Title&"</a>"

This will add the URL with server name and then add the query string parameter as title of that list item.

2. Select the Calculated field type as "Number".  Please do not select Single line of text. Number will give you the expected result as Hyperlink. (Decimals as Automatic.)

3. Save the field.

This will give the Hyper link the list column with query string parameter from other columns in that list.

Happy Browsing!

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