Saturday, April 5, 2014

SharePoint 2013 - Image Slider from Content Query webpart with no coding

5 easy steps to create image slider from content query webpart with no coding!

I was looking for the image slider that can configured easily and effective with using OTB feature and I got different methods but some where I felt this can be made independent. Hence I used the blog from this article and image slider from basic Slider site and I merged with Content query webpart to get easy to use image slider.

Now to start in details

  1. Configure the content type as shown in this article.  ( this is used to order images and filter images) 
  2.  Create a picture library in your site and upload your images of same size. Now edit properties of the images, select the Slider Content Type (if you configure from step 1) then enter title, comments, url, sort order, start and end dates  etc for the images. This will be used to determine which image to be shown in the slider and in which order. 
  3.  Upload these files to any document library or style library or with your custom master page. 
  4.  Now, on the page where the image slider to be displayed, add a content query webpart and   open its property by edit mode. In the query part -Select the picture library you created as image source and in the presentation - select the newly configure content type and filter order. You can check this article for the details). After this you can now see the images lined up on you page. 
  5.  Now add a content editor webpart and set the source to slider.html from the document library where you uploaded the attached files.

Script files to Download 

PS: You can have different sliding styles with slider1.html . I have used images of size 950 * 240. So if you have different image size, you can change it in the style sheet and slider.html. Feel free to post me any query or comments. Thanks to both articles for providing such a beautiful articles.

Happy Browsing!

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