Tuesday, April 1, 2014

SharePoint 2013/2010 : Export in to Excel - People and Group

Steps to export the people and group from your site
1. Get the list ID of the group whcih you want to export. To do this, go to People and group and select the group , then go to its setting. Copy the heightened portion from the URL as shown listedit.aspx?List=cf5tea84-e6c7-4be3-95f6-f55b8555bb11

2. Apped the copied List ID from above text to this URL:

3. Copy and paste the URL formed into your explorer.  Bingo! your people list is in excel now!

(I'm not sure easy way to pull back the people entry back from excel after updating. Will add here once I get the solution.)

Happy Browsing!

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